Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Learning Continues

I spent a week in San Antonio at NECC with my husband and daughter. We spent an extra day at Schlitterbaun Water Park and the Como River. I had two days at home for the holiday weekend and flew out to Boston for PowerSchool University. I returned for less than a day to fly to Memphis for the Laptop Institute. I am in my room this morning trying to spend a some time planning my attack for the next few days of more learning. I feel like a giant sponge taking in so much information and sharing. The downside to these back to back conferences and training is the lack of reflection time. I haven't had time to unwind and regroup and really reflect on what I have heard, watched, talked about, learned or shared. In between it all, I've been trying to keep up on the continuing tasks that come my way from the home front. My email is out of control. I'm trying to respond to the most urgent needs. The summer project list is growing. My fear is not spending the needed time to truly reflect and gather thoughts on all of these opportunities before too much time elapses.  I need to make that time, regardless of the monstrosity of other tasks waiting for my attention.  

The biggest ponderment I have is.....When do I get all this time off in the summer that non-educators presume happen when one works for a school?  Although, I suppose if I ever really had it, I would still spend in on learning and finding ways to better do what I do to support teaching and learning in our schools.

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