Monday, November 17, 2008

Innovative Workspaces

I've seen an email passed around that is full of fun pictures of the Google corporate office and today viewed this video below of the NYC Google office. Talk about innovation in the workplace. Could we ever provide anything so drastically different in our schools? Why not? Why are schools stuck looking like schools? Why do we still need to have classrooms, and bell schedules? Why are kids treated like robots? Get in line. Don't talk. Learn exactly what I tell you to learn when I tell you to learn it. When will schools ever be able to jump onto Google's coat tails and provide invigorating environments that will allow kids to get excited....really excited to learn.

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Jay said...

How would this look in education? I keep trying to think about how we could motivate students to be productive without the traditional structure - four walls, desks, etc. It is a beautiful vision.