Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Random Things

tagged in Facebook....figured I'd post here too.....since I went to all the work of listing 25 random things about me.

1. I have the best kids in the whole world! I am SO proud of each of them for becoming the young adults they are today.

2. I am the luckiest wife in the whole world! I have the most patient, caring, loving husband for 20 years (since 1988).

3. I miss my en-laws deeply and think of them often.

4. I am a vacationaholic. I love to travel. By plane, car, train, I don’t care…just love experiencing new places, people, culture and cuisine…..especially when by the ocean. I’d like to visit every state in the US and at least one place on each continent.

5. My husband, Rob, is counting down the days for me to take up golf. I’ve said for years now that I would take up golf as soon as all the kids are out of high school. I have two more years to go.

6. I get deep tissue massages at least 2-3 times per month and frequent our hot tub year round.

7. I’m a proud one boobed survivor! 7 years ago I was bald and beautiful.

8. I lost hearing in my right ear on October 19th, 2001. Bam. They call it “sudden hearing loss syndrome”…. they have no idea why this happened…..and there’s been no “sudden hearing gain syndrome” that has counter-acted the loss….at least not yet. So if you see me smiling and nodding where there is lots of noise around……chances are I’m faking every bit of hearing! Let me see your lips and stay on my left side if you want me to hear you.

9. I’ve got scars from 9 surgeries.

10. I don’t sing in public ever. Once when I was younger my mother told me I had a terrible voice while singing in the car. She was right.

11. I love to cook and hate to bake. My standard channel on TV is the Food Channel. I love cookbooks but rarely follow a recipe…instead I use them for inspiration. Garlic and basil are two staples for me this past year. And sea salt. And fresh pepper. And olive oil. Onion.

12. I love to read and am rarely without a book. However, even though I keep books close by, I read far less than I’d like. Now if osmosis really worked I’d be all set. My books of choice are mostly non-fiction types on leadership, productivity, social and education reform and holistic health. Fiction is a vacation must.

13. As much as possible I eat organic and try to follow traditional cooking methods (member of Weston A. Price Foundation) with whole foods.

14. I am never without Tiger Balm, Peppermint Oil or Bio-Freeze.

15. I’m not good at remembering to send cards for birthdays, thank-you’s, and special occasions. Forgive me.

16. My bedroom is often as messy as when I was a teenager (maybe not quite THAT bad). Even though I am not a great housekeeper I do try to keep the living room, kitchen and main bathroom tidy.

17. I have no problems sleeping and need 7-8 hours per night. I snooze forever on workdays but on the weekends and vacation I often have no problem waking up to my alarm and starting my day. I don’t want to waste any time!

18. My favorite foods are crab legs, scallops, salmon and chocolate of any kind!

19. More favorites are the number - 3, color - orange, perfume - Cocoa,jelly belly - pear, restaurant - Bubba Gump Shrimp, flower - gardenia, sport – swimming, animal – monkeys, relaxation music – flutes and drums.

20. I enjoy playing the silly video slot machines at the casino and glad I don’t go often.

21. I don’t decorate for holidays anymore and it’s much simpler. Maybe one day when I have grand kids I will do so again.

22. I love to plan….. events, gatherings, parties and vacations. I’m definitely a planner.

23. I don’t wear jewelry. It makes me feel constricted. My poor wedding ring sits lonely in my jewelry box.

24. My favorite event to participate in is the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. It’s a 60 mile walk over 3 days. I’ve walked it and crewed (worked) it the past few years. This year I’m working Michigan in August and walking it in San Diego. I’ve never experienced kindness anywhere like I do at this walk.

25. After years of being a Windows guru, I’ve been converted. I now prefer my Mac for everything EXCEPT for mail. I’m an Outlook junkie and just can’t give it up for Entourage. I still prefer all the Office apps on Windows but for everything else I’ve made the jump for certain! If I had to pick one and only one machine to use, it would be a Mac.

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Swaffield said...

I especially like item #25. It should be #1!!! (j/k)