Thursday, May 1, 2008

Professional versus Personal Web Presence

I have been teaching myself about using many of these web tools for creating and publishing information, thoughts, pictures, videos, etc to the world. I am finding that I have some things that are more professionally related and others that are personal. Instead of mixing the two, it seems best to create two different blogs for each purpose.

The problem is I want to keep my logon and account names the same for all professional related sites and the same for all personal related sites. I have used annelisewojo in my professional career for many things so I will try to transition to using that for professionally related sites and 'woitulewicz' for my personal side. With that being said......I needed to do some clean up. My original blog here was tied to my woitulewicz account. I am going to try and recreate it under this new annelisewojo account I just created. I'm not sure if I'm giving myself more work or not but I'm feeling like in the long run I will be glad I separated them. Currently I have a mix match going on. I wonder how everyone handles this dilemma. Is it standard practice to maintain multiple blogs for multiple purposes? Do people separate personal and professional web presense? Maybe I need to think about this some more. Any thoughts, anyone?

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